21 Bridges


When a robbery leaves eight NYPD officers dead, detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) gets one night to find those responsible in a Manhattan where every exit has been closed. This action-thriller received lukewarm reviews by many critics but it delivers exactly what it’s supposed to do – white-knuckle tension, as one honest cop races against the clock to find his prey before his corrupt colleagues get a chance to kill them. It may not be the smartest movie you’ll ever see (the final showdown makes the dirty cops look strikingly stupid), but it moves fast, uses its urban locations well and Boseman is ideal in the lead.

2019-U.S. 99 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Chadwick Boseman, Logan Coles, Gigi Pritzker, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Robert Simonds. Directed by Brian Kirk. Screenplay: Adam Mervis, Matthew Michael Carnahan. Cast: Chadwick Boseman (Andre Davis), Sienna Miller (Frankie Burns), Stephan James (Michael), Taylor Kitsch, J.K. Simmons, Keith David.

Last word: “The fabric of the movie came as much from [cinematic references as] the experience of being in New York at night, frankly, and trying to give the audience the taste of corruption that sort of permeates the world. But also, actually weirdly, I’d say like growing up as a kid in Northern Ireland at a time when it was quite a militarized society and there were a lot of police and army on the streets and choppers in the air, and part of it was about trying to bring that experience or communicate that experience to people who had not had it.” (Kirk, Cinema Blend)



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