My Life as a Comedian

After having stayed away for 40 years from the place where he grew up, successful comedian Juha Lindström (Johan Rheborg) begins to look back on the events that marked him forever. Jonas Gardell’s novel was filmed as a miniseries in 1992, but this movie does a fine job of adapting it for a more compact running time, delivering a humorous portrait of childhood with painfully dark streaks and colorful 1970s period details. A moving examination of the far-reaching effects of bullying among schoolchildren, boosted by good performances, including Jakob Eklund as a bully all grown up, pathetic yet intimidating.

2019-Sweden. 91 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Martin Persson. Directed by Rojda Sekersöz. Screenplay, Novel: Jonas Gardell. Cast: Johan Rheborg (Adult Juha Lindström), Loke Hellberg (Young Juha Lindström), Elisabet Xie (Jenny), Teo Dellback, Kerstin Gandler, Maria Sid… Fredrik Hallgren, Ulla Skoog, Jakob Eklund, Klara Zimmergren.

Trivia: Original title: En komikers uppväxt.

Last word: “I read the book, which this movie is based on, when I was 13-years-old and was very affected by the story. Then, when I, as a 29-year-old, got the opportunity to read the script to the movie, I was amazed that the story still had a strong impact on me. I knew that this was a universal story that would cross generations.” (Sekersöz, Women and Hollywood)


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