Harvie and the Magic Museum

A boy who’s obsessed with playing video games ends up together with his dog and best friend inside an old puppet museum that harbors secrets. A big hit in its native country, this animated adventure has the annoying lead character (called Hurvínek in the original, Harvie in the English version) riding dragons, doing battle with a megalomaniacal puppet master and bonding with his dad. A lot of noise, zero emotion – and far too stereotypical characters.

2017-Czech Republic. Animated. 86 min. Color. Directed by Martin Kotík, Inna Evlannikova. Voices of Martin Klásek (Hurvínek/Spejbl), Helena Stachová (Mánicka/Mrs. Katerina), Petr Rychlý (Popleta), Ota Jirák, Vilém Udatný, Jan Vondrácek. 

Trivia: Original title: Hurvínek a kouzelné muzeum. 



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