Strawberry Days


While picking strawberries for a living in southern Sweden, a teenage Polish guest worker (Staszek Cywka) falls in love with a Swedish girl (Nelly Axelsson). After having co-created a popular sitcom about a small-town politician in the south of Sweden, director Wiktor Ericsson feels right at home in this environment, even if the movie has much more serious themes on its plate. We’re introduced to rural Poles and Swedes who don’t much care for each other; there’s a lot of tension here that escalates in the shadow of a puppy-love story. A cute romance, engaging actors and a believable conflict, all set to a lovely summer backdrop.

2017-Sweden. 93 min. Color. Produced by Erik Magnusson. Written and directed by Wiktor Ericsson. Cast: Staszek Cywka (Wojtek), Nelly Axelsson (Annelie), Julia Kijowska (Agnieszka), Przemyslaw Sadowski, Emilie Strandberg, Torkel Petersson.

Trivia: Original title: Jordgubbslandet. 

Last word: “I grew up in this part of Sweden so I saw these workers in the fields… you know, I just became interested in their life. They’re there in the landscape, no one really cares about them so I wanted to write a story about them.” (Ericsson, The Condor Press)



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