Blowfly Park

After a night of drinking, an acquaintance of small-town kindergarten teacher Kristian Keskitalo (Sverrir Gudnasson) disappears, and his life begins to fall apart… The director’s feature debut is set in a frozen town in northern Sweden where no one escapes the influence of hockey and its macho culture. The lead character used to play, but has tried to create a new life for himself. A series of encounters with local teens are hard for him to handle, leading to violence; also, he’s not entirely honest about that disappearance. An icy but arresting drama with a lead performance we believe in, and a heartbreaking climax.

2014-Sweden. 96 min. Color. Produced by Rebecka Lafrenz, Mimmi Spång. Written and directed by Jens Östberg. Cinematography: Måns Månsson. Cast: Sverrir Gudnason (Kristian ”Kille” Keskitalo), Peter Andersson (Berndt), Malin Buska (Diana), Leonard Terfelt, Joar Hennix Raukola, Julia Grönberg… Ia Langhammer.

Trivia: Original title: Flugparken.



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