After the death of her husband, Devika (Ahmareen Anjum) goes to work as a servant for an affluent Mumbai builder (Vivek Gomber); slowly, they develop a bond. The director wrote a few Bollywood movies before embarking on this more somber feature, but much like them the story deals with love and marriage. Ripe with social commentary, as Devika’s marriage was arranged and she’s frequently regarded as inferior by everyone in Ashwin’s life. A romance seems inconceivable; perhaps it would only hurt Devika. Quietly engaging, even if Anjum is much better than Gomber.

2018-India-France. 99 min. Color. Written and directed by Rohena Gera. Cast: Ahmareen Anjum (Devika), Vivek Gomber (Ashwin), Geetanjali Kulkarni (Laxmi), Tillotama Shome, Rahul Vohra.



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