Balloons Over Babylon


Former correspondent Folke Rydén invites us to witness a different kind of Iraq as we’re introduced to Murtada al-Hachami and his family, who escaped from Saddam Hussein and returned to Iraq after the fall of the dictator. Trying to create a new life in their old country, Murtada becomes obsessed with the idea of having an international gathering of hot-air balloon enthusiasts, the beauty of the balloons symbolizing peace and love. He finds a Dutch veteran who can pull it off, but faces lots of obstacles, including the rise of ISIS. A welcome look at everyday life in Baghdad, but its attempts at creating suspense over every snag are unconvincing.

2019-Sweden. 72 min. Color. Produced, written and directed by Folke Rydén.

Trivia: Original title: Ovan Babylon.



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