Hold the Dark

An expert on wolf behavior, Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright), is hired by a woman (Riley Keough) in a small Alaska village to hunt the wolf who likely killed her young son. On paper this may look like another The Grey (2012), but even though wolves may play a huge part (not least philosophically), this is more of a tale about dark forces in the wilderness that make their victims do horrible things. Wright becomes our low-key representative in this strange world. Bloody, violent, unpredictable and very exciting, even if the story is essentially ludicrous. Alexander Skarsgård is good as a hardened soldier.

2018-U.S. 125 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Jeremy Saulnier. Screenplay: Macon Blair. Novel: William Giraldi. Cast: Jeffrey Wright (Russell Core), Alexander Skarsgård (Vernon Sloane), James Badge Dale (Donald Marium), Riley Keough, Julian Black Antelope, Macon Blair.

Trivia: First shown at the Toronto film festival, then released on Netflix.



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