I Am Curious (Blue)

Director Vilgot Sjöman divided his I Am Curious project into two movies. This follow-up to Yellow continues in the same vein, with a fictitious romance and a socialist examination of Sweden as a society (including interviews with regular citizens, a look at the rehabilitation of prisoners and a visit to a sex ed class), all of it cheekily interrupted by Sjöman’s own filmmaking process. Fun and provocative, truly a child of its times… but also completely superfluous compared to Yellow.

1968-Sweden. 107 min. B/W. Directed by Vilgot Sjöman, Bertil Sandgren. Screenplay: Vilgot Sjöman. Cast: Lena Nyman (Lena), Börje Ahlstedt (Börje), Vilgot Sjöman (Vilgot), Sonja Lindgren, Bertil Wikström, Hans Hellberg… Marie Göranzon, Hagge Geigert, Henning Sjöström.

Trivia: Original title: Jag är nyfiken – blå.



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