The world probably needed yet another retelling of Nelson Mandela’s life about as much as we need another Marvel movie, but if there’s a good story expect many different versions. This miniseries follows Mandela from childhood to presidency, but focuses perhaps more than other similar projects on how the South African state implemented apartheid, and how both the government and the ANC struggled as they tried to achieve their wildly different goals. Laurence Fishburne exudes gravitas, even though he’s far from convincing as a young Mandela, but the production as a whole is a little too mediocre to have the impact it desires. 

2017-U.S. Made for TV. 270 min. Color. Directed by Kevin Hooks. Music: Todor Kobakov. Cast: Laurence Fishburne (Nelson Mandela), Orlando Jones (Oliver Tambo), David Harewood (Walter Sisulu), Michael Nyqvist, Terry Pheto, Jason Kennett.

Trivia: Originally shown in three or six episodes.



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