The Devil’s Wanton

The first film that Ingmar Bergman directed from his own script has been called the first ”real Bergman movie” – in spite of a somewhat messy structure, it’s worth a look. We’re introduced to several characters, including a filmmaker, a writer and his wife (who both drink too much), as well as a prostitute and the man who forces her to give up her newborn baby. Simple psychology at work, and Bergman bookends the story with a few thoughts on heaven and hell. What stands out is a stylish and unpleasant dream sequence and a silly silent film shown on a cinematograph. All in all, pales in comparison with what Bergman would soon create.

1949-Sweden. 79 min. B/W. Written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. Cinematography: Göran Strindberg. Cast: Doris Svedlund (Birgitta Carolina Söderberg), Birger Malmsten (Thomas), Eva Henning (Sofi), Hasse Ekman, Stig Olin, Irma Christenson… Anders Henrikson, Torsten Lilliecrona, Ulf Palme.

Trivia: Original title: Fängelse. Alternative English title: Prison.



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