A Quiet Place


The Abbotts are trying to survive in a world that has been overtaken by large, vicious monsters; the only way to escape their notice is to remain absolutely quiet. Here’s a surprise from John Krasinski as a filmmaker – a full-throated horror-science fiction movie that relies on familiar ideas and trappings but still finds a way to look fresh. Very economically directed, this monster thriller knows what it wants to achieve and makes excellent use of silence without ever losing tension. Just don’t think too hard about its underlying premise. The monsters are serviceably intimidating; real-life husband and wife Krasinski and Emily Blunt wring a lot of emotion out of their characters.

2018-U.S. 90 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller. Directed by John Krasinski. Screenplay: Bryan Woods, Scott Beck, John Krasinski. Music: Marco Beltrami. Cast: Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott), John Krasinski (Lee Abbott), Millicent Simmonds (Regan Abbott), Noah Jupe (Marcus Abbott).

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Krasinski.

Last word: “The producers pitched me the idea […] a couple weeks after [Blunt and I] had had our second daughter, so we were still in that envelope of sheer terror. I was already worried about whether she was safe and whether she would survive and all those things, and so I was a wide-open vessel, I was an exposed nerve. […] And so I was wide open to read that first script, and truly I think that’s what we put into the movie. We were right there from the beginning.” (Krasinski, Bloody Disgusting)



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