Sometime in the future, a mute Berlin bartender (Alexander Skarsgård) with an Amish past is dating a waitress (Seyneb Saleh); when she disappears, his search leads him to a black market bazaar… Most critics were reminded of Blade Runner (1982), but Duncan Jones saw this futuristic thriller more like a ”spiritual sequel” to Moon (2009). The story and design of the movie make it a real downer, even if Paul Rudd is fun to watch as a blunt, indifferent surgeon for the Mafia. Skarsgård’s character is way too dull.

2018-Britain-Germany. 126 min. Color. Directed by Duncan Jones. Screenplay: Duncan Jones, Michael Robert Johnson. Cast: Alexander Skarsgård (Leo), Paul Rudd (Cactus Bill), Justin Theroux (Duck), Seyneb Saleh (Naadirah), Robert Sheehan, Gilbert Owuor… Dominic Monaghan, Sam Rockwell.

Trivia: Released straight to Netflix.



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