Churchill’s Secret

In 1953, aging Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Michael Gambon) suffers a stroke during dinner; the family and his closest associates agree to keep his condition a secret and a young nurse (Romola Garai) is assigned to him. This TV movie is based on actual events, a serious incident that was kept hidden from the public. A fictional nurse has been added to the story, most likely to give it some warmth since much time is devoted to political intrigues and infighting between members of the Churchill family. The script also touches on how the death of a child can still haunt one 50 years later. Excellent lead performances.

2016-Britain. Made for TV. 100 min. Color. Directed by Charles Sturridge. Book: Jonathan Smith (”The Churchill Secret: KBO”). Cast: Michael Gambon (Winston Churchill), Lindsay Duncan (Clementine Churchill), Romola Garai (Millie Appleyard), Bill Paterson, Tara Fitzgerald, Rachael Stirling.



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