Look Who’s Back


Look_Whoa_s_Back-329719366-largeAdolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) is suddenly transported to modern-day Berlin; discovered by a documentary filmmaker (Fabian Busch), the dictator is destined for a TV show. In the hands of director David Wnendt, Timur Vermes’s much talked-about satirical novel shares resemblances with Borat (2006), as many of ”Hitler’s” encounters with ordinary Germans aren’t scripted and reveal the racism and stupidity raging across the continent that is perfect breeding ground for, if not outright Nazism, then at least similar ideologies. Masucci is well-chosen, but the film would have benefited from a much shorter, focused narrative.

2015-Germany. 116 min. Color. Directed by David Wnendt. Novel: Timur Vermes. Cast: Oliver Masucci (Adolf Hitler), Fabian Busch (Fabian Sawatzki), Katja Riemann (Katja Bellini), Christoph Maria Herbst, Franziska Wulf, Michael Kessler.

Trivia: Original title: Er ist wieder da.

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