The Swedish Theory of Love

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swedishtheoryofloveUsing a 2006 book by history professor Lars Trägårdh (who co-authored with Henrik Berggren) called “Is the Swede Human” as a starting point, Erik Gandini explores the Swedish model and its downsides – here’s a people so independent and individualistic that they’ve forgotten that no man is an island. Gandini has ideas on how to illustrate the rise of loneliness in Sweden, but as in his earlier films the approach lacks focus; the film touches on sensitive truths about society (this isn’t just a Swedish phenomenon), but when all is said and done we have learned exactly nothing. Still, there’s an interesting visit with a Danish doctor in Ethiopia… and a bunch of druggy hippies in the woods.

2016-Sweden. 80 min. Color-B/W. Directed by Erik Gandini.

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