Before the Storm

beforethestormDirector Reza Parsa’s breakthrough drama tells two stories simultaneously and let them touch when it serves the overarching themes. Both are studies of people being harassed and what actions they take. One of them is a cab driver (Per Graffman) in Sweden who’s contacted by a terrorist group in his native Saudi Arabia; the other is a twelve-year-old boy (Emil Odepark) being bullied in school. A skillful examination of the destructive nature of revenge, even though we can tell pretty early what is likely to happen. The actors are put to the test and deliver satisfying performances, especially Graffman as the driver who faces impossible options.

2000-Sweden-Norway-Denmark-Iceland-Finland. 106 min. Color. Produced by Johan Fälemark, Peter Hiltunen. Directed by Reza Parsa. Screenplay: Reza Parsa, Mikael Bengtsson. Cinematography: Eigil Bryld. Cast: Per Graffman (Ali el-Rashid), Maria Lundqvist (Clara el-Rashid), Emil Odepark (Leo Fredriksson), Tintin Anderzon, Christer Fant… Fares Fares. 

Trivia: Original title: Före stormen.

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