Blow Out

Murder has a sound all of its own!

Philadelphia sound effects technician Jack Terry (John Travolta) happens to witness (and record) a car accident… and realizes that someone with a gun must have caused it. Director Brian De Palma followed up his impressive Dressed to Kill (1980) with another thriller featuring seedy sex, well-staged murder scenes and a playfulness with movie conventions. The story was obviously inspired by the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident, as well as Antonioni’s Blowup (1966). John Lithgow’s creepy killer adds tension, as well as a beautiful, Hitchcockian Liberty Day climax. Travolta is solid in the lead.

1981-U.S. 107 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Brian De Palma. Cinematography: Vilmos Zsigmond. Music: Pino Donaggio. Cast: John Travolta (Jack Terry), Nancy Allen (Sally), John Lithgow (Burke), Dennis Franz, Peter Boyden.

Trivia: Al Pacino was allegedly considered for the lead.


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