The Final Cut

As Francis Urquhart (Ian Richardson) is about to break Margaret Thatcher’s record as the longest-serving Prime Minister in modern history, he’s planning for the future… and facing a rebellion among his ranks. The third and final miniseries in the story of how a complete psychopath became the most powerful individual in Britain is not as compelling as House of Cards and To Play the King; by now, the intrigues have simply become a little too familiar. Still, being part of Urquhart’s little asides as he plots his moves right up to the bitter end is an honor, and Richardson is just as brilliant as ever.

1995-Britain. Made for TV. 200 min. Color. Directed by Mike Vardy. Teleplay: Andrew Davies. Novel: Michael Dobbs. Cast: Ian Richardson (Francis Urquhart), Diane Fletcher (Elizabeth Urquhart), Isla Blair (Claire Carlsen), Paul Freeman, Nickolas Grace, Nick Brimble.

Trivia: Originally shown in four episodes. When it was decided to begin the miniseries with Margaret Thatcher’s funeral (even though she was still alive at the time), Dobbs demanded to have his name removed from the credits.



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