Pet Sematary


petsemataryA family moves to a house in Maine that lies next to a highway… and a creepy pet cemetery hiding the secrets of life and death. Stephen King adapted his own novel that poses interesting questions about the power of grief, but the story is simply not convincing enough (which family would move that close to a highway?). Not for a second are we touched by Louis’s grief either; Dale Midkiff’s performance is just too inadequate. An alternately tasteless and laughable experience.

1989-U.S. 102 min. Color. Directed by Mary Lambert. Screenplay, Novel: Stephen King. Cast: Dale Midkiff (Louis Creed), Fred Gwynne (Jud Crandall), Denise Crosby (Rachel Creed), Brad Greenquist, Michael Lombard, Blaze Berdahl. Cameo: Stephen King.

Trivia: George A. Romero was allegedly considered for directing duties. Followed by Pet Sematary II (1992); remade as Pet Sematary (2019).

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