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Can’t Hardly Wait


Looks like the 1980s are back in this comedy about a huge graduation party. You may remember these festivities as they were portrayed in the movies of that decade, the kind of fun where a crowd usually ends up wreaking havoc on somebody’s home. At the center of the movie is Ethan Embry’s character who tries to make the hottest girl in school (Jennifer Love Hewitt) know he exists. Very predictable, but Seth Green is fun as the white kid who thinks he’s black. One thing is for sure – the movie has got nothing on American Graffiti (1973). 

1998-U.S. 98 min. Color. Written and directed by Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont. Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Amanda Beckett), Ethan Embry (Preston Meyers), Charlie Korsmo (William Lichter), Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Seth Green. Cameo: Jenna Elfman.



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