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Natalya Bondarchuk and Donatas Banionis in “Solaris”. Photo: Mosfilm

Review: Solaris

The film may be slow, but it’s also fascinating and eerie at times.

“Polaroid”. Photo: Dimension

Quick Take: Polaroid

Begins with a few good shocks, but mediocrity sets in and the final half hour has awfully shoddy visual effects.

Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie in “Point Blank”. Photo: Netflix

Quick Take: Point Blank

In this remake, the twists feel expected. The cast is good enough though.

Florence Pugh in “Midsommar”. Photo: A24

Review: Midsommar

The film is perhaps needlessly long, yet compellingly disturbing.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in “Spider-Man: Far from Home”. Photo: Marvel

Quick Take: Spider-Man: Far from Home

The story may be on the silly side, but the 3D visuals, charm and action all deliver.

Alec Secareanu and Josh O’Connor in “God’s Own Country”. Photo: Orion

Review: God’s Own Country

The film works hard to make us wipe a tear from our eyes.

Patricia Neal and Michael Rennie in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

On the whole, the acting is OK, but not the film’s strongest ingredient. Its direction, design and ideas are far more compelling. 

James Baskett in “Song of the South”. Photo: Disney

Review: Song of the South

As a forerunner to Mary Poppins (1964), the movie was technically significant.